OCTRU Announced as an NCRI Cancer Clinical Trial Unit

The CRUK Oxford Centre is pleased to announce that OCTRU were successful in their application to become an NCRI Cancer Clinical Trial Unit. The basis for that application was the work they do in the Oncology Clinical Trials Office (OCTO), the oncology division of OCTRU.

In place of accreditation, an NCRI Cancer CTU Group has been established to bring together the field leaders that contribute at a national level to the advancement of cancer clinical trials, using simpler entry criteria that complement UKCRC registration.

Alongside OCTRU, a further 15 units were successful and a full list and further details of the scheme can be found here.

For OCTO, based in the Department of Oncology, this represents an opportunity to work with other cancer CTUs across the country to share best practice and improve the way in which cancer trials are delivered in the UK.

Sarah Pearson, OCTO Trial Management Director, commented: Thanks to increased funding from the CRUK Oxford Centre, OCTO has now restructured to create three portfolios of activity; early phase medical oncology, radiotherapy and imaging, and late phase trials. We have also established dedicated teams for data management and pharmacovigilance. This re-structuring has laid the foundations for providing support to increasing trials activity within the CRUK major centre and PCMI in the coming years. Completing the unit restructuring is a significant achievement for the whole OCTO team and we look forward to working on an increasingly varied portfolio of trials”.

To find out more about the outstanding work taking place in OCTO, visit their website or contact Sarah.Pearson@oncology.ox.ac.uk