Oxford | Emerson Collective Cancer Research Fund

We are delighted to announce a new funding scheme for innovative cancer research, through generous support from the Emerson Collective. Applications will be invited in early January 2019, but in preparation for this we are advising you now of this upcoming opportunity. The Oxford | Emerson Collective Cancer Research Fund will request individual or team proposals for research projects related, but not limited to, immunotherapy, metabolic therapies, early detection advancements, ‘high risk/high reward’ initiatives and/or -omic approaches cancer and drug development. Positive criteria include the potential of a project to significantly impact our understanding of and/or approaches to the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of cancer.



This Funding Scheme will be open to all faculty undertaking research relevant to cancer at the University of Oxford.

A team of Oxford | Emerson Collective Cancer Research Fund employees and associates will evaluate the applicant pool.

Applicants will be evaluated on the following positive criteria:

  • The audacity and innovation of the research proposal. Incremental research will not be funded.
  • The potential of the proposed research to affect multiple cancer types
  • The potential to translate said research into further experiments, and clinical trials
  • The applicant’s lack of resources to pursue the proposed research
  • Compliance with a two-year maximum timeframe for research


The applicant’s prior experimental track record will not be the principal determining factor in evaluation.



Scheme opens for applications in early January.

Proposals due: March 8, 2019 at 5 p.m EST (see proposal submission guidelines below).

Funding available early May 2019. Post-award follow-up will entail 12- and 24- month progress and financial reports.


Amount of Funding

  • Awards range from £50,000 up to £200,000 for up to 2 years for both direct and indirect costs.
  • You may apply for additional funding for the same projects on subsequent RFP rounds, though new projects will be prioritized.
  • This fund does not support incremental research.
  • Funding is available to support personnel, supplies, equipment, and other general costs associated with the project. Provide a categorical budget outline for the project, see budget template for details. Indirect costs may total 15% maximum. It applies to the project costs and should be included in your budget request. Total budget request including the indirect costs should not exceed £200K.
  • All proposed budgeting must conform to the general policies of the institution.

Questions? Please submit questions to  Claire Bloomfield, email: Claire.bloomfield@oncology.ox.ac.uk


Please do get in touch if you plan to submit, to discuss University requirements and protecting any sensitive information you may wish to share.

Further information available in the Oxford Emerson Announcement and Guidance.

Workshop “Concepts in Translational Cancer Research”

We are delighted to announce the opening of registration for the first Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre Concepts in Translational Cancer Research Workshop on February 7th 2019.

The aim of the workshop is to support Oxford researchers meet the increasing expectations from research funders to be able to clearly and credibly articulate a projects relation to clinical need.

Professors Ian Mills, Francesca Buffa, and Deborah Goberdhan, and the Oncology Clinical Trials Office are running this event targeted at students, post-docs and junior PI’s interested in finding out how to apply their fundamental research to cancer.

Attendees will have the opportunity to find out more about widely used tools and techniques in translational cancer research and take part in a breakout session where they will get the opportunity to discuss their project with a relevant expert.

If you have ever found yourself asking any of the below, please feel free complete the below application form and return to cancercentre@oncology.ox.ac.uk by December 21st 2018, to register.

  1. Are genes or pathways that form a focus of my research perturbed or mutated in particular cancers or subtypes of cancers?
  2. Can these genes or pathways stratify patient groups in a manner that predicts disease progression or treatment response?
  3. Can any of the biological processes that I am studying be affected by clinically approved drugs or drugs that are undergoing clinical trials?  If so, how might I access those drugs and use them in my model systems?
  4. If it is not easy to answer questions 1-3 then what are the datasets and who are the people that I need to interact with to address these questions?
  5. What models and tools should I use to study further study the role of my gene/pathway in cancer?


Please fill in the below application form and send it to us via cancercentre@oncology.ox.ac.uk.

Application form for “Concepts in Translational Cancer Research”



Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Centre team if you have any questions or queries about the event (cancercentre@oncology.ox.ac.uk).