Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month 2020

This year we featured some of the pancreatic cancer projects and news from across Oxford on our channels as part of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month in November 2020. Check out a summary of all the stories we have relating to pancreatic cancer below and the variety of work happening in the early detection and creation of new treatments for pancreatic cancer at the University of Oxford and Oxford University Hospitals Trust.

Oxford success at the early detection sandpit on pancreatic cancer

April 22, 2021/by Oxford Centre

T-cell landscape mapping identifies new targets for pancreatic cancer immunotherapy

April 12, 2021/by Oxford Centre

Potential of DNA-based blood tests for detecting pancreatic cancer earlier

December 11, 2020/by Oxford Centre

SCALOP team discover new pancreatic cancer biomarker

November 27, 2020/by Oxford Centre

The search for pancreatic cancer biomarkers

November 23, 2020/by Oxford Centre

What we can learn from cancer survivors

November 19, 2020/by Oxford Centre

Early stage ‘red flag’ symptoms for pancreatic cancer

November 16, 2020/by Oxford Centre

Detecting pancreatic cancer through blood tests

November 10, 2020/by Oxford Centre

Innovative drug delivery techniques show promise in clinical trials

November 2, 2020/by Oxford Centre

Mapping the T-cell landscape of pancreatic cancer

July 14, 2020/by Oxford Centre

PancrImmune: Oxford Pancreatic Network Launched

November 21, 2019/by Oxford Centre

Shivan Sivakumar awarded 3-year Celgene Fellowship

September 5, 2019/by Oxford Centre

OCDEM’s Kate Lines awarded 3-year Celgene Fellowship

September 5, 2019/by Oxford Centre

Transatlantic collaboration to support earlier detection of pancreatic and oesophageal cancer

October 31, 2018/by Oxford Centre

New Era in Precision Medicine for Pancreatic Cancer

March 24, 2017/by Oxford Centre

Oxford researcher secures funding for powerful imaging technique in pancreatic cancer

February 4, 2016/by Oxford Centre

Oxford role in world’s first national tissue bank for pancreatic cancer

January 15, 2016/by Oxford Centre

Pancreatic Cancer UK funds new Oxford researcher in the fight against pancreatic cancer

November 16, 2015/by Oxford Centre