Andrew Dhawan


Deciphering the hypoxia transcriptome in cancer using next generation sequencing.

Profs Francesca Buffa and Adrian Harris

Dr Andrew Dhawan was a CRUK Oxford Centre funded DPhil student from 2016-2019 supervised by Jacob Scott, Francesca Buffa, and Adrian Harris. During his DPhil, Andrew focused on the roles of non-coding RNA (microRNA and circular RNA) in cancer. Having trained in  medicine and mathematics, his interests span clinical neurology and oncology, medical genetics, computational biology, and mathematical biology. He is currently a PGY-1 Neurology resident at the Cleveland Clinic Neurology Institute. Hear more about Andrew’s research and career below:

What outcomes have resulted from your DPhil?

3 publications (Nature Communications, Nature Protocols, Journal of Theoretical Biology)

How has your time here influenced your subsequent career?

Through connections to researchers, clarifying my own direction as a researcher having developed an interest in non-coding RNA biology, giving me the time to obtain skills I will need as a clinician-scientist

What advice would you give to current students?

Keep working hard, and working to learn something every single day!