Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020

This year we featured some of the breast cancer projects and news from across Oxford on our channels as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2020. Check out a summary of all the stories we have relating to breast cancer below and the variety of work happening in the early detection and creation of new treatments for breast cancer at the University of Oxford and Oxford University Hospitals Trust.

New form of gift wrap drives male reproductive success

January 26, 2021/by Oxford Centre

Understanding breast cancer risk in Chinese populations

October 29, 2020/by Oxford Centre
Breast tissue growing in the new hydrogel

New hydrogel technology has promise in breast cancer modelling

October 26, 2020/by Oxford Centre

Using big data in breast cancer research

October 22, 2020/by Oxford Centre

A new FRONTIER for breast cancer

October 13, 2020/by Oxford Centre

Understanding breast cancer management in women of different ethnicities

October 8, 2020/by Oxford Centre

Therapeutic potential for breast cancer found in the matrix

October 1, 2020/by Oxford Centre

Previously unknown ‘genetic vulnerability’ in breast cancer found

September 11, 2020/by Oxford Centre

Affordable approaches to earlier cancer diagnosis in India

June 19, 2020/by Oxford Centre

Study sheds light on risks of breast cancer after pre-invasive disease

May 27, 2020/by Oxford Centre

Breast cancer awareness month

October 18, 2019/by Oxford Centre

Metabolic profiles of breast cancer linked to response to metformin treatment

October 2, 2018/by Oxford Centre

Oxford researchers discover DNA repair protein complex important in drug resistance in cancers driven by BRCA mutations.

August 9, 2018/by Oxford Centre

Oxford University scientist developing new treatments to tackle breast cancer that has spread to the brain

October 13, 2017/by Oxford Centre

Osteoporosis drug could benefit postmenopausal women with breast cancer

July 24, 2015/by Oxford Centre

Men with high oestrogren levels could be at greater risk of breast cancer

May 13, 2015/by Oxford Centre

Metal test could help diagnose breast cancer early

December 19, 2014/by Oxford Centre