OCRC funding


The Centre supports researchers at every stage of their career and are committed to facilitating more excellent science in Oxford.

We support research innovation internally through the Development Fund Scheme. The Centre is committed to supporting proof-of-concept research which is at too early of a stage for major grant support but has significant translational potential. We believe that by investing in this kind of blue-skies research we will be able to advance our research more rapidly and, hopefully, impact patient care.

We are also committed to increasing the funding support that our members receive and look to proactively identify areas of opportunity. We aim to expand our research facilitation support in the future and we believe this will result in more activity in Oxford.

Development fund

Development fund

The CRUK Oxford Centre’s unique scheme to provide pump-priming funds to support collaborative projects in cancer research has been a key area of activity for the Centre.

CRUK funding calls

CRUK Funding Calls

Cancer Research UK is a vital partner for the Centre and we are committed to supporting their vision to beat cancer sooner.

Other funders

Other Funding Calls

Centre members receive funding from a variety of sources and the Centre is committed to supporting the best science.