Flame of Hope Awards 2015

The Cancer Research UK annual national Flame of Hope Awards celebrate their most outstanding volunteers, and those who have carried out excellent work in research engagement. Since 2003 they have presented over 600 Flame of Hope awards to thank the committed individuals who give their time and energy to help beat cancer sooner.

The CRUK Oxford Centre is pleased to announce that Dr Anne Kiltie, Clinical Group Leader at the CRUK / MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology and CRUK Oxford Centre member, was awarded the 2015 Research Engagement Award. Anne was part of the team behind the Reverse the Odds app, she explained the role the game plays in her research: “The app lets members of the public score our immunohistochemistry images for us. The public have already looked at one protein and we are about to compare the public’s scores with our ‘expert scores’ to see how well they match”. Find out more about the app here.

There was further recognition for the great work Oxfordshire residents are doing at the awards. Jeannette Milligan, a volunteer at the Abingdon CRUK charity shop, received a special commendation in the category Shop Volunteer of the Year.

If you’d like to find out more about volunteer and research engagement opportunities within the CRUK Oxford Centre then please contact oxfordcentre@cancer.org.uk