The Oxford ECMC GCP Biomarker Development Laboratory

The GCP Laboratory specialises in the translation of research observations into clinically accredited clinically deployable ELISA and Immunohistochemistry (IHC) assays, funded by the Prof. Sarah Blagden led Oxford ECMC.

The facility is available as a core service to any Oxford University or OUHFT based cancer researcher for the following:

  • IHC analysis of tumour tissue including;
    • Tissue embedding and sectioning
    • Anti-body optimisation
    • Single and double antibody tissue staining
    • Slide scanning
  • ELISA analysis of biosamples including:
    • Assay optimisation
    • Clinical sample analysis
  • Multi-plex Immunofluorescence (IF) imaging (Opening in September 2018)
    • Use of the PerkinElmer Polaris system allows up to 6 epitopes to be assayed in a single tissue section. These can be tailored to your project or selected from off the shelf kits.
    • The same system can be used to determine the localisation of several RNA molecules in a single sample.

Examples of the types of IHC, ELISA and IF projects can be found on the relevant links. If you are interested in using any of the above services please email with any questions. Alternatively, the application form for accessing  GCP Laboratory services can be accessed here and emailed to the same address.