Graduate studies

Oxford Cancer Academy

Oxford is consistently ranked as one of the world’s leading universities for clinical, pre-clinical and health research. It is within this rich research environment that the Centre is able to facilitate the training of the next generation of cancer researchers through its Cancer Academy. 

The Oxford Cancer Academy is a training programme that supports cancer research specific training, augmenting the support that researchers receive as part of their Department, which enables researchers across disciplines and career stages to apply their research for patient benefit. The Academy has two broad themes of activity. Firstly, our Doctoral Training Programme in Cancer Science provides a world-leading tailored cancer research training experience and individualised mentorship for cohorts of post-graduate students. Secondly, events, working-groups and work-parties have been set up which seek to either address emerging educational needs of the cancer research community as a whole or where Oxford researchers have unique expertise in an emerging field of significant potential impact. More information about these activities can be found in the links below.

The DPhil in Cancer Science Programme

Launched in November 2019

Alumni Destinations

CRUK Oxford Centre alumni go on to lead in research, industry, and affiliated fields. To find out more about where our alumni end up follow the link below. 


Non-clinician DPhil Studentships

The CRUK Oxford Centre DPhil Studentships have been awarded to academically excellent students with the best proven and future potential across Oxford since 2011 who have carried out some fascinating and impactful research.

Clinical research training fellowships

Clinical DPhil Studentships

The CRUK Oxford Clinical DPhil Studentships and Fellowships have been the first step into full time research for clinician researcher for almost a decade.