Oxford Digital Pathology Research Academy

The Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School (OUCAGS), Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC), and the CRUK Oxford Centre are establishing a Digital Pathology Research Academy. The Digital Pathology Research Academy aims to build a stronger Pathology research community in Oxford that is fully embedded with complementary image analytical expertise, to tackle the absence of widespread Pathology expertise to support fresh sample collection, analysis, and the development of digital analysis systems. To achieve this goal the Academy will:

  • Mentor and support junior academic pathologists’ individual research programmes to increase their chances of securing independent funding.
  • Lower barriers for research-minded pathologists who wish to facilitate large programmatic research by developing novel projects.

The Academy consists of local research-minded University and Trust-based pathologists, supported by a faculty comprising senior academics, both internal and external. The Academy will support the implementation of its goals by actively supporting pathologists to apply for clinical DPhil positions and expanding the current capacity of Oxford to host Pathology Academic Clinical Lecturers (ACL). Further activities will include biannual workshops, funding for software and storage infrastructure, and support for collaboration and external training opportunities.

Find out more about Digital Pathology research initiatives in Oxford here and here.