June is the CRUK Oxford Centre’s Big Data Month

On June 28th the Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre will be holding our annual Symposium. The field of focus for this year’s event is Cancer Big Data and in the run up to this we will be posting a series of articles highlighting Big Data and its role in Oxford’s cancer research efforts.  Big data refers to complex, heterogeneous data sets that are used to understand the aetiology and consequences of disease so that we can improve treatment and prevention strategies. Cancer Big Data research covers a spectrum of data sets, from large cohorts with small per patient datasets (e.g. national biobanks such as CKB and UKB) to smaller, data rich cohorts (e.g. S:CORT). Oxford is uniquely placed in hosting and having expertise in analysing a wide range of data and cohort types and specialise in leveraging the different approaches in order to define both public health policy and develop novel personalised medicine strategies.

Virtual Annual Cancer Symposium 2020

Registration is now open for our 9th annual Symposium, now being held virtually.