March is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

In recognition of March being Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, the Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre will be posting a series of blog posts on its website highlighting the contribution of Oxford researchers to global efforts aiming to tackle prostate  cancer.

With senior clinical leadership international reach programmes such as the NIHR ProtecT (Prostate testing for cancer and Treatment) study, ProMPT (Prostate cancer Mechanisms of Progression and Treatment), PART (Partial Ablation versus Radical Treatment) trial in unilateral intermediate risk prostate cancer, and the CR-UK Molecular intraoperative imaging programme ProMOTE (Prostate Molecular Targeting to Enhance Surgery), Oxford has been able to establish a critical mass of internationally recognised fundamental and clinical researchers. These multi-disciplinary teams bring together researchers spanning a wide range of the fields including computer vision, cell biology, immunology, bio-engineering and population health to comprehensively address the issues faced by patients with prostate cancer.

This series of articles summarises some of the researchers, their projects and how they are trying to improve the quality of care that can be offered to prostate cancer patients:

Using Big Data to understand Biological Pathways of Prostate Cancer Risk Development

Enabling more targeted Treatment of Prostate Cancer by de-coding Stress Response Signalling of Cancer Cell

Targeting Prostate Cancer Metabolism in bone metastatic Prostate Cancer

– Using Spatial Transcriptomics to support accurate Decision-making in early stage Prostate Cancer

Combining International Collaboration and New Technologies to prevent Prostate Cancer

Using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning to improve Treatment and Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

Developing Novel Immunotherapy to Improve Clinical Efficacy of Prostate Cancer Vaccines

– Combining Radiotherapy, Minimally Invasive Surgery and Immunotherapy to Enhance Cure Rates in Prostate Cancer