Oxford University and Sichuan University form joint Centre for Gastrointestinal Cancer

University of Oxford-Sichuan University Huaxi Joint Centre for Gastrointestinal Cancer, a new international collaboration led by Prof. David Kerr (Radcliffe Department of Medicine, University of Oxford) and Prof. Li Yang (Sichuan University) was launched today, Friday 15th May 2020.

Over the next 5 years this new centre seeks to develop an integrated cancer plan with a focus on gastrointestinal cancer, underpinned by high quality basic, translational and clinical cancer research.

The intention is to develop one team based across two sites, with an operating and governance system that will drive the exchange of ideas, which is crucial to academic development and alleviating the burden that cancer places on societies across the world.

The Centre will seek to build a portfolio of multi-disciplinary teams drawing from both organizations. These teams and their projects will enable scientists and clinicians to learn from each other and apply their expertise for the benefit of cancer patients in both nations. The establishment of a bilateral researcher exchange program will drive the delivery of these.

Check out the video below for more information on the establishment of the Centre, with images of the signing ceremony.

“Cancer is ruthless and the devastating effect it has on the lives of patients, their friends and families does not adhere to borders or boundaries. Those of us who do our best to treat and support these individuals on a daily basis understand the urgent need to mirror this approach in tackling this global disease.

“In setting up this Centre we are doing just that; bringing together two powerful research organizations dedicated to improving patient care and creating a partnership of equals, with a shared goal of ensuring that Gastrointestinal cancer patients receive the benefit of the extensive expertise they encompass. Together we will understand better how to ameliorate the burden of this disease.”

Prof. Mark MiddletonCo-Director of the Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre

“The idea behind personalised cancer medicine is both simple and powerful: delivering the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. Our aim is to radically alter the way cancer is managed, saving lives by focusing on the individual.”

Prof. David KerrCo-Director of the University of Oxford-Sichuan University Huaxi Joint Centre for Gastrointestinal Cancer

“We are grateful to President Li Yanrong and his leadership team for the strong support for the initiation of this important collaboration.”

Prof. Louise RichardsonVice Chancellor, Oxford University

Images of Sichuan University, Chengdu, China