Research Summary

Research Summary

Cancer research in Oxford has a rich heritage; research undertaken across a spectrum of fields has had long-term impacts on how cancers are prevented, diagnosed and treated.  Landmark studies include those of Sir Richard Doll and colleagues demonstrating the causal link between smoking and cancer risk, consortium work led by Professor Peter Donnelly demonstrating genetic risk factors for breast cancer and pioneering drug therapies to block the blood supply to tumours developed by Professor Adrian Harris.

Oxford has continued to build on these strong foundations, with an international reputation for both fundamental and applied research.  The Centre will work to bring these areas together, under specific thematic areas identified with CR-UK for certain disease sites and research areas.

The disease sites include breast, gastrointestinal, lung, pancreas, skin and urological (bladder, prostate, kidney and testicular).

The research areas include biomarkers and bio-imaging, early phase clinical research and therapy development,  Radiation biology/Radiotherapy, Surgical oncologyMedical Oncology, Cell and molecular biology, and Public Health Sciences.

Research Resources

The Centre supports members in accessing various clinical and translation research resources, through the "Dragon's Den" infrastructure review process. Please see the specific information contained within the following webpage regarding the resources available.

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