Preclinical Validation Hub

One of the Oxford Centre’s key aims is to develop scientific advances made in cancer research at Oxford University, into patient benefit. The Preclinical Validation Hub is a facility available to all Oxford based researchers to support the development of their discoveries, to the point of clinical testing.

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Oxford has considerable breadth and depth of expertise in fundamental cancer research. While in some areas (e.g. anti-angiogenesis), basic science has been effectively translated into significant patient benefit, in other areas (e.g. radiobiology, aspects of cell signalling) there have been insufficient tools available to develop discoveries made by researchers at the University, to the point of clinical testing. Recognising this, the Centre has established a Pre-clinical Validation Hub to support research in two key areas:

Clinical Trials / Concepts

Clinical trials concepts/proposals that require preclinical data to support and inform clinical testing. The facility also supports clinicians who are looking to establish the scientific rationale for the basis of clinical trials. The aim of this activity is to ensure initiatives seeking clinical trial proposals for novel combinations therapies (drug-drug or drug-radiotherapy) are adequately underpinned by preclinical validation, strengthening the case for support and development of optimal therapeutic approaches being taken into trials.

Fundamental Science

To develop fundamental science concepts emerging from research groups across the University that have potential clinical relevance. This facility efficiently determines the clinical relevance of concepts, theories and technologies emerging from fundamental research across the University by offering support to researchers without expertise in preclinical models.

The aim of our team is to support translational research with the ultimate goal to improve the design, quality and potential impact of our in-house clinical trials. We are available to all members of the CRUK Oxford Centre and are very happy to talk about your research and how the Preclinical Validation Hub may be able to help. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch. 

Dr Valentine Macaulay

Dr Valentine Macaulay

Academic Lead (in vitro)
Dr Anderson Ryan

Dr Anderson Ryan

Academic Lead (in vivo)
Dr Frances Willenbrock

Dr Frances Willenbrock

Postdoctoral Researcher (in vitro)
Dr John Moore

Dr John Moore

Postdoctoral Researcher (in vivo)

We use robust and well-validated assays based on existing protocols and expertise within the Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre. The data quality is at a level that is suitable for publication and if appropriate, patenting. All cell lines are authenticated before use. See below for some of the key in vitro assays and in vivo studies that we can offer or use the contact form on this page if you have a method not listed but you’d like to discuss with us.

Use the contact form below if you have a more general question about how the Preclinical Validation Hub works, and how you can access this resource. If you are ready to make a project application to the team then the Research Proposal form is below. 

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