Oesophageal Cancer Working Group

Working Group Membership

The Oesophageal Working Group is made up of Oxford Centre members from Departments, Units, and Institutes from across the University and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, including members of the MDT.

Cancer Research UK International Symposium on Oesophageal Cancer

The Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre, Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Cancer Centre and Chinese Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Science (CICAMS) came together to host an International Symposium on Oesophageal Cancer in June 2015.

The symposium was co-organised by Professor Xin Lu, Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald and Professor Qimin Zhan. Speakers from the US, China, Europe and the UK covered the breadth and depth of Oesophageal Cancer Research. Attendees were able to join a careers workshop, a meet the experts networking session, and share their views during a highly-successful panel discussion.

The Oxford Centre was delighted to welcome so many attendees to the symposium, and it proved to be an ideal forum to bring together cell biologists, geneticists, immunologists and clinicians.

Join the Oseophageal Cancer Working Group

We are always keen to welcome new members to our working groups, and value contributions from those working in disciplines not traditionally linked to cancer research. If you want to find out more about oesophageal cancer research, have some research that you think may be of interest to this group, or would like to make connections within this community then please get in touch with the Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre team on cancercentre@oncology.ox.ac.uk