Reverse the Odds – Nominet Trust 100 Winner

Nominet Trust proudly announced that Reverse The Odds, an app that is helping CRUK Oxford Centre member Dr Anne Kiltie identify biomarkers in tumour samples, has been named among the 2014 Nominet Trust 100 (NT100) – a global list of 100 inspiring ventures from around the world.

Projects featured on the list are using technology to tackle some of the world’s biggest social problems from education and human rights abuses to climate change and health. Following a global call for nominations earlier this year Reverse the Odds has been selected by an independent steering committee in recognition of its fantastic game design, data analysis expertise and remarkable production that come together to allow citizen scientists to fight cancer. Reverse the Odds is the third Citizen Science project and has already analysed 2 million tumour samples. The game can still be played, visit the website to download the app and join in.

Commenting on their inclusion in the NT100, Dr Anne Kiltie said: “The app lets members of the public score our immunohistochemistry images for us. The public have already looked at one protein and we are about to compare the public’s scores with our ‘expert scores’ to see how well they match. There are other images in the app which are being analysed for a group in Southampton and their results are being compared at present, so the result is imminent”.

Annika Small, CEO of Nominet Trust, the UK’s leading tech for good funder, said: “There is a striking progression in the quality and maturity of this year’s NT100, indicative of a wider evolution in the ‘tech for social good’ sector as a whole. More people than ever before are using technology to solve problems that matter to them in bold new ways. This year’s NT100 list is populated by extraordinary people with inspirational stories to tell and it shows us that imagination, social conscience and technology make a potent mix to affect change.”

To see more about Reverse the Odds and the other Nominet Trust 100 winners visit the website.