RNAscope® is a sensitive RNA in situhybridisation (ISH) approach for the chromogenic and fluorescent detection of RNA biomarkers.

“RNAscope® employs a unique signal amplification strategy that allows for the visualization of target RNAs as punctate dots, where each dot represents an individual RNA molecule. The key benefits of the RNAscope® technology are high sensitivity due to its signal amplification strategy, high specificity as a result of the RNAscope® probe design minimising nonspecific off-target signals, and detection and quantification of RNA with spatial and morphological context” (Anderson et al, 2016).

We perform RNAscope® ISH on the automated Leica BOND-RXm platform which allows high throughput and reliability.  We have successfully coupled chromogenic RNAscope® ISH with protein analysis via IHC in formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue sections.  This allows the cellular localisation of single transcripts, and the identification of specific cell populations and/or cells expressing certain proteins.

We are looking forward to developing this work further by working with collaborators on new projects.

Examples of Chromogenic RNAscope® ISH