The Translational Histopathology Laboratory (THL) is based in the Old Road Campus Research Building next to the Churchill Hospital. It specialises in the translation of research into clinically accredited and deployable Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Immunofluorescence (IF) assays. The lab is supported by funds from the NIHR/BRC and CRUK. It is led by Drs Sarah Blagden and Alistair Easton.

The goal of the THL is to establish GCP compliant and validated assays for biomarkers that can be used to accompany the development of new cancer treatments. We work with research teams in the preclinical development of IHC biomarkers in mouse or human tissue which can then be further developed to accompany a clinical trial (to GCP standard). Alternatively, we can conduct IHC on samples (such as archived or fresh tumour tissue) obtained from clinical trial patients.

The facility is available as a core service to any Oxford University or OUHFT based cancer researcher for the following: