Image Analysis Platform for Quantitative Tissue Analysis

Access to the Halo platform is a service offered by the Translational Histopathology Laboratory (THL). The THL have a license to Halo which staff are welcome to use at the rates below. If you are interested in using one of our services please contact us at thlenquiries@oncology.ox.ac.uk.

HALO® Multiplex IHC is a digital platform for cell-based image analysis that can separate up to five stains simultaneously within any cellular compartment. It is ideal for characterising distinct immune and tumour cell populations within the tissue where multiple markers are required.

HALO is capable of automated tissue classification on brightfield and fluorescent images, using machine learning.  In addition, the software can perform infiltration analysis, nearest neighbour/proximity analysis and density hotspot analysis.  HALO allows automated batch analysis of whole slides and TMAs.

Quantitative measurements at single-cell resolution can be measured by our pathologist.

For more THL services, please see here. If you are interested in using one of our services please contact us at thlenquiries@oncology.ox.ac.uk

A demo video of HALO® software can be found below.

HALO Online Training Series

Partnered with indica labs, the Cancer Centre offered an online training series on the functionalities of HALO. Recordings of those training sessions can be found below.

The Centre intend to create more training session in the future, if there is interest and demand. Please contact us through thlenquiries@oncology.ox.ac.uk to express your interest and find out when the next training sessions are.

HALO Introductory Training

A basic overview of the HALO interface, analysis for cell detection, demonstration of the deep learning neural network

Halo Intermediate Training (Part 1)

AI tissue classification functionalities and how to get the best result, Setting up and using TMAs

Halo Intermediate Training (Part 2)

ISH-IHC and FISH-IF, Multiplex FL

Halo Advanced Training

Highplex FL and Spatial Analysis, Serial Stain Workflow/Registration, Batch Image Analysis and Exporting Data