Cellular-Molecular Pathology

CM-Path is an initiative launched in 2016 to advance UK Pathology research, the science of understanding disease at the levels of tissue and cells, developed by Pathology experts in the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres (ECMC) network. A number of National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) partners including CRUK and the Department of Health fund the 5-year programme.

Through building a stronger base of experts and those engaged in Pathology research, CM-Path will increase resources for Pathology research and support activity in ‘centres of excellence’ where Pathologists investigate Cancer Biology.

Oxford’s Clare Verrill leads workstream 4 (Technology and Informatics) that focuses on digital pathology and molecular diagnostics. The workstream acts as a portal to bring together pathologists, industry, and other key groups such as regulators, to identify challenging areas in these fields and establish strategies to solve them. Workstream members include Cellular Pathology consultant Gabrielle Rees, Senior Clinical Research Fellow Richard Colling (NDS), Professor Jens Rittscher (BDI), and a number of Pathology trainees. Oxford’s key contributions include vast experience in conducting high quality research, clinical trials and research governance, including tissue access.

CM-Path has over 60 members including 18 trainees from across the UK. Key members include Nick West (Leeds), Max Robinson (Newcastle), Manuel Salto-Tellez (Belfast), Gareth Thomas (Southampton), David Snead (Coventry), Nasir Rajpoot (Warwick), and Louise Jones (Barts). CM-Path is also linked with the Royal College of Pathology (RCPath) and Darren Treanor (Leeds) via membership of the RCPath Digital Pathology working group.

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