PathLAKE (Pathology image data Lake for Education, Analytics and Discovery) is a project led in Oxford by Professor Clare Verrill that will establish a UK-based ecosystem for AI development in Pathology by forging new relationships between the NHS, academia and industry that will drive change in Pathology through:

  1. establishing a multicentre data lake richly resourced in annotations and clinico-pathological meta-data;
  2. supporting the growth of this sector and job creation to ensure UK leadership in pathology AI;
  3. generating significant know-how through a multidisciplinary, integrated AI programme focused on tissue and cellular pathology;
  4. working closely with industry to ensure appropriate mechanisms are in place to transfer technology to commercial partners; and
  5. creating a pathway for AI tool adoption in the NHS.

PathLAKE will lead the way in demonstrating how deployment of digital pathology platforms in diagnostic NHS cellular pathology laboratories can transform how such laboratories function, ultimately leading to benefits for patients in terms of better access to expert opinions, and quicker turnaround times. In the longer-term introduction of algorithms to assist pathologists will also contribute to patient benefits.

Oxford is contributing a programme of algorithm building around Prostate cancer as our exemplar disease type in addition to committing to a fully digital NHS Pathology laboratory.

Key researchers within Oxford are Clare Verrill and Jens Rittscher. Outside of Oxford principal collaborators include David Snead (Coventry), Nasir Rajpoot (Warwick), Emad Rakkha (Nottingham), Manuel Salto-Tellez and Jackie James (Belfast).

Find out more about Prof. Verrill’s research here and click here to learn more about PathLAKE.